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BTS: Shluchos Convention Group Photo


Goal: Fit as many people into a photograph and super impose it onto a photo of the iconic 770 building.

Click here to see last years BTS video

Step 1. Take a photo of 770 around the same time of year (a week in advance) This may be done simply but I took it with the following in mind.

A. My camera height should match the height I will be shooting the groups (about 10 feet high) B. Use the same Lens size as I will be using for the group shot (35mm) C. Stand about the same distance from the building front lawn as you will from the back row of people. (about 50 feet)

Here is the unedited image.

Step 2. Get a great team of guys who will help you. We got L-R Avrohom Perl - Lighting geek and brother Levi Teitlebown - BTS photographer & good friend Chaim Perl - I am not sure why he came ;) Zalman Perl - Techy geek and brother bp2

Step 3. Lighting set up. We used 4 1000Watt lights 2 on each side and another 500Watt light behind the people to light the curtains which will help us in post. bp3

Step 4. Crowd control. Such fun. I guess I got busy about now. bp6

Step 5. Taking the photos. I took 3 shots. Each are then merged into one. This is to obtain super high quality. Here are the originals. bp14






Step 6. Merging them into one. Here is what they look like after stitching them together. bp15


Step 7. Cut them out from background. This is actually done by my brother Avrohom. This is the layer mask for both the juniors and seniors. cutout

Step 8. Place the people in front of 770. 770 itself goes through a bit of a edit to ensure the white balance and color tones match as best as we can. gr6

gr4 Can you tell that the image is not taken in front of 770?

Special thanks to my team who helped day of..

Avrohom Perl Levi Teitelbowm Nachman Blizinsky