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Life is Beautiful


Life is beautiful, it really is.. life3 Click Here for the 360 VR

test caption

Mr brainwash is an artist based in LA. His pop up located under the Skyline in the city is in its final week of display before it moves on to its next destination.


"Life is Beautiful" can be seen through out all of his art work.


His art is wild and complicated.. but so is life and love. Thats what makes them all beautiful.


His feature painting (sells for 100k) on display is a main attraction, many come by to take photos with it. Most notably Faigy Mayer OBM.


Faigy only weeks earlier had made this her FB banner.
To the left of the painting is another stating "Never never never give up".
never giveup
Yesterday when I went to get brainwashed by the brilliant pieces he has on display I met a sweet group of Faigys friends who came to take a photo in her memory.


Click Here for the 360 VR of Faigys friends.