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Oholei Torah Group Portrait


Click here for the 360 VR of BTS at the OT BigPic

Stay tuned to this post for more images and about this photo shoot.


IMG_2831-14 Mobile Office. Gafatape + wood equals hood holder. #Chabadcar

IMG_2834-17 NN4 + EZ Rotator + Clamp = Tall ladderpod. Illegally parked car ruins bleacher set up.

IMG_2841-22 The ladderpod is made up of a 12 foot and 8 foot ladder clamped together. As rain was on the schedule a C stand umbrella awaited to provide cover.

IMG_2846-24 Calm before the storm.. SMS the wife and say hi.

IMG_2847-25 So pretending to relax.

IMG_2857-30 Map, Radio, wireless mic system.

stay tuned more coming.