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OY What a JOY

With a small amount of ‪light you will ‪dispel much ‪‎darkness, and even change a message!The ‪OY‬/YO‬ art sculpture by artist Devorah Kass set in downtown ‪Brooklyn‬ was intended to be a playful and kvetchy message. However, ‪lightpainting‬ a "J" by a handful of gifted ‪photographers‬ was clearly an experience filled with ‎JOY‬ and ‪peace. ‪

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Project: Happy Chanukah


My kids asked me for help making a Menorah for a school Menorah competition. I asked them out of what they wanted to make it, they said "Pictures".

These two are active, so I drew up this sketch and showed it to them, they loved it


I set up a flash on a bare wall in my home to help make the silhouettes and then had them do what they do best.


Then I slowly built up the menorah to the point in the drawing


and then decided to make the other half which I had not initially planned for.

full blank
FB post

Then I added the color.. and Wowza!

Life is Beautiful


Life is beautiful, it really is.. life3 Click Here for the 360 VR

test caption

Mr brainwash is an artist based in LA. His pop up located under the Skyline in the city is in its final week of display before it moves on to its next destination.


"Life is Beautiful" can be seen through out all of his art work.


His art is wild and complicated.. but so is life and love. Thats what makes them all beautiful.


His feature painting (sells for 100k) on display is a main attraction, many come by to take photos with it. Most notably Faigy Mayer OBM.


Faigy only weeks earlier had made this her FB banner.
To the left of the painting is another stating "Never never never give up".
never giveup
Yesterday when I went to get brainwashed by the brilliant pieces he has on display I met a sweet group of Faigys friends who came to take a photo in her memory.


Click Here for the 360 VR of Faigys friends.

High School Convention Group Photo

Over 800 high school girls from around the US and Canada stood hand in hand posing for this group photo. Click here to see the 360 VR and listen to the girls chant their school names. Check out the video below from behind the scenes.




Oholei Torah Group Portrait


Click here for the 360 VR of BTS at the OT BigPic

Stay tuned to this post for more images and about this photo shoot.


IMG_2831-14 Mobile Office. Gafatape + wood equals hood holder. #Chabadcar

IMG_2834-17 NN4 + EZ Rotator + Clamp = Tall ladderpod. Illegally parked car ruins bleacher set up.

IMG_2841-22 The ladderpod is made up of a 12 foot and 8 foot ladder clamped together. As rain was on the schedule a C stand umbrella awaited to provide cover.

IMG_2846-24 Calm before the storm.. SMS the wife and say hi.

IMG_2847-25 So pretending to relax.

IMG_2857-30 Map, Radio, wireless mic system.

stay tuned more coming.

BTS: Large Group Photography


Update: Video featured on

Check out the full article

Each of these two photos had their set of challenges. Check out the video and these photos for help understanding how I took them.

Have a question? Comment your question in the youtube video or in my related Facebook post, I will do my best to answer.


Click here for a 360 degree view BTS of this photo.




Click here for the 360 degree view BTS from the indoor shoot.




Thank you Merkos for the honor and opportunity to take these great photos. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Credits “You can not compromise on quality. Here, test the Otus.” - Richard from Carl Zeiss

“Are you open on Sundays?" That is up to my wife" ...Thanks wife. - Aaron from

Bill from Nodel Ninja, your customer service “turns heads”. Thank you - Chaim Perl

Avrohom & Zalman You are the best..

BigPic Crew Menachem Benaroch Nachman Blizinsky Avrohom Perl Zalman Perl Chaim Perl Levi Teitelbaum

BTS Video Chaya Bialestock Marisha Camp Yossi Itzinger Moishe Lew Zalman Perl

Aaron Calvo - Printer Mush Klein - Graphic Design

Shout out to my mentors and pano kings: Sam Rohn & Joergen Geerds and the rest of my pano friends.

Senior Shluchim Photographer Don Halway

And last but not the very least Thank you to my dear wife Rivky Perl who has been just amazing.

Faces of Purim


A collection of head shots I took this Purim.

The festival of Purim is celebrated every year on the 14th of the Hebrew month of Adar (late winter/early spring). It commemorates the salvation of the Jewish people in ancient Persia from Haman’s plot “to destroy, kill and annihilate all the Jews, young and old, infants and women, in a single day.”

Click here to learn more.

Purim (1 of 9)

Purim (3 of 83)

Purim (4 of 9)

Purim (4 of 83)

Purim (6 of 83)

Purim (7 of 83)

Purim (8 of 83)

Purim (13 of 83)

Purim (16 of 83)

Purim (18 of 83)

Purim (22 of 83)

Purim (24 of 83)

Purim (25 of 83)

Purim (28 of 83)

Purim (35 of 83)

Purim (36 of 83)

Purim (37 of 83)

Purim (39 of 83)

Purim (42 of 83)

Purim (43 of 83)

Purim (48 of 83)

Purim (49 of 83)

Purim (50 of 83)

Purim (51 of 83)

Purim (52 of 83)

Purim (53 of 83)

Purim (57 of 83)

Purim (59 of 83)

Purim (62 of 83)

Purim (64 of 83)

Purim (65 of 83)

Purim (66 of 83)

Purim (67 of 83)

Purim (68 of 83)

Purim (70 of 83)

Purim (74 of 83)

Purim (75 of 83)

360: A Protest with Prayers


Today over a hundred thousand Jews came out in unity to protest against the Israeli draft with prayers.

Click here to see and hear the center stage in 360 degrees.

Click here to see and hear the center of the crowd in 360 degrees.

People traveled from all over, public transit was packed to the brim. nyc m-18 You can see more of my photos here on my Facebook page. nyc m-10

360: CTeen Times Square NY


This is probably one of my most daring shoots to date. Cteen, a international Jewish teen program took over Times square for Havdalah & concert with Alex Clare.

Click here to view and listen to the virtual 360 panorama.

Cteen final

Video from the event by Moshe Raskin [youtube width="800" height="500" video_id="SPEB8LvioGU"]

How I shot this. To start I tested the height to see if I can reach over the monument. I had to post a pic of thison my Facebook. ct2

Then I mounted the camera on a ultimate R1 from Nodal Ninja which connects to the top of my NN Pano Pole. ct1

Then I did a test shot.. ct3

The monument of Lieutenant Colonel Francis Duffy blocked the view a bit so I did a bit of Litchachila Ariba.. :)


I printed this in HUGE and delivered a few days later to a happy client.

Credits: First assistant: Zalman Perl Editor: Designer: CM Klein

360: Shawnee Mountain Ski Area


This 360 Panorama was shot at Shawnee Mountain Ski Area in PA.

Click here for the virtual 360 of Shawnee Mountain PA.

To take this I used a Pano Pole from Nodal Ninja and a Canon 5D Mark 3 with the Canon 8-15 lens. Pano pole   Thanks to my brother Avrohom Perl it did not tip over from the high winds. Me and bro As you can see this thing goes pretty high, and no this is not at its full extension. IMG_8532

360: Urban Light


I saw no other way to capture this Urban Light display in Los Angeles California then in a full 360 degree panorama. I was driving by with my family during out winter get away and could not pass up this opportunity. In between the rain drops I captured two 360 shots and some family photos.

Click here to view the "Urban Lights" in 360 degrees

Urban light LA