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OY What a JOY


With a small amount of ‪light you will ‪dispel much ‪‎darkness, and even change a message!The ‪OY‬/YO‬ art sculpture by artist Devorah Kass set in downtown ‪Brooklyn‬ was intended to be a playful and kvetchy message. However, ‪lightpainting‬ a "J" by a handful of gifted ‪photographers‬ was clearly an experience filled with ‎JOY‬ and ‪peace. ‪

Chanukah‬ is a time were we ‪#‎Sharethelights‬ and the perfect opportunity to spread this message. ‪#‎lightforpeace‬

The "J" was created with a small flashlight attached to a yellow balloon mounted at the end of a pole. Over the course of 30 seconds the "J" was painted by a talented ‪#‎team‬ player. Credits: Inspiration @212sid Photographers @Midnight.Xpress @Robstam14 @Brlyn_block and yours truly Chaim Perl Photography