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360: The Worlds Largest Menorah


Last night I took two panorama photos. I love both, the first was taken on the ground of the Menorah lighting. This interactive 360 has two sounds. While facing the Menorah you will here the Broho being bade, and while facing the crowd you will hear the crowd singing.

Click here to see & hear the interactive 360 degree panorama.


Media 1

Then I took a trip up in the cherry picker with a wonderful man named Jimmy. Jimmy who works for ConEd was super cool and allowed me to do my thing without too much hassle. Thank you Jimmy, you are a awesome person and a perfect model. I would reach out to your boss and tell them to give you a raise, but something tells me that would just mean you would get a taller boom.

click here to see the interactive view from the top.





360: 9-11 Memorial Lights


Tonight I got VIP access  to the rooftop of the parking garage that hosts the 911 Memorial lights.

What a site to see, families and officials come to pay tribute to the loved ones lost on Sep 11, 2001

Click here & Here to see the two 360 degree panorama virtual tours.

The images are compromised of 9 images stitched together. I used the Nodel Ninja 4 Pano head with the EZ leveler. The photo is compromised with 6 shots around, one up and two down.

To get the shot I placed the tripod on the outer wall of the parking lot just a few inches shy of the edge. For safety I attached my camera to my brother Avrohom who was with me with the leash from peak design.

Taking 360 degree photos is fun and aside for creating virtual tours you can export the images in various forms such as these mini planets.

Canon 5D Mark III 8-15mm Lens set at 15mm @ f.22 15 second exposure ISO: 250 WB: tungsten

This photo made it as POTD on the most popular photo & video blog. Fstopers POTD fb2


This image is taken by my brother Avrohom Perl, check out his Website & Facebook 1270873_565221840204512_1301921487_o

360: Park East Synagogue


I had the honor of capturing the Park East Synagogue interior in 360 degrees. Click more for the virtual tours.

Update: Click here to see, feel and hear 360 degree panorama view Slichot with Chazzan Helfgot and choir.

Click here for 360 degree panorama view from the Back Click here for 360 degree panorama view from Bimah Click here for 360 degree panorama View from the center